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There’s no longer a need for canned audience noise or applause. No more sound that doesn’t match play.

Sonofans gives you not only live audio within the stadium that is matched to gameplay, but also gives you clean-feeds to mix with commentary.

Sonofans helps you reach higher, run faster, throw further. The more you perform, the more your fans react. All the highs, all the lows.

The sound of real fans, not canned fans.

Motivation, It drives performance.

Athletes  thrive on reaction, support and energy, and that’s what Sonofans delivers.

The sound of Sonofans is synchronized to play – excitement or dissapointment – home or away – all matched to what’s on the pitch.

Making your job easier to get the best out of the team.

Why run a flat season when you can inject all the excitement into every game and make every game count, every score meaningful and every high as high as it can be.

The sound of real fans, synced to game-play, getting the most out of the athletes, and giving broadcasters a far more realistic sporting event than canned audiences.

You love sport. You love talking about it. You tell the story.

You perform better when you hear the buzz from the crowds. The adrenaline kicks in and you really bring the viewers into the game.

You react when the fans do.  The players react when the fans do.
The gameplay is more exciting, making your commentary more exciting.

Because even commentators need fans.

Sonofans – it’s about the magic.